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How To Know More About What Is In Your Walls

Knob and Tube emits high levels of alternating current magnetic fields to start. This is partly due to the relationship between the hot and neutral conductors. So, this is bad because it isn’t as safe as it needs to be in that there is no ground wire for an excess charge or in the event of a short. There are permitted uses, however, which include installation in hollow spaces of walls and ceilings or unfinished attics and roof spaces (as per the NEC Article 394.1 Scope). It is not allowed in hollow wall spaces, ceilings, and attics with loose or no insulation. Trust us, this is not the best wiring available for current systems.

Romex is a flexible composite cable that is made up of 3 different wires. Hot, neutral and ground wire. Romex is used for various equipment in different sizes (gauges) and colors. It is fire-resistant and insulated so that when installed, your home is free from danger because it has a higher melting point. Arching and electrocution are lessened with the design of this cable. This cable should not be run through a conduit or exposed unless rated for this. Some codes describe how and when Romex should be installed, and inspectors will look to see if Romex was used and installed correctly.


is your common tube for protecting electrical wires or cables. There are standard conduit descriptions and others for more specialized areas. Typically used where wiring will be exposed and in irregular situations where a regular wire cannot be used.


used for landscape purposes or for ambient lighting choices in a residential or commercial property. Most of the electricity used in a residential circumstance will be considered high voltage and should be wired as such. Other cases to use low‐voltage? Possibly for smart systems and custom energy-efficient lighting. To find correct materials, speak with a local, licensed electrician or call SPS Electric for any and all of your electrical needs! We will answer your questions.

Remember: different wires mean that there are different amounts of energy available. Do not play with electricity. In the long run, it will be cheaper, safer, and more long‐term to go with a licensed & insured electrician.