Agricultural Electrical Services

West Texas is proud to be home to many hard-working agricultural professionals. Just as in any industry, agricultural electrical can pose its own set of unique challenges.
SPS Electric is not only professionally licensed to handle these challenges but decades of experience in West Texas has helped us learn the nature of both familiar and unique Lubbock agricultural electrical services.

Whether it comes to wiring a well, shop or other specialized systems, we can provide the necessary services. Do you need a new install, a problem diagnosed, or even a retrofit job?

Our Lubbock electrical technicians can handle the job quickly and professionally.

We know that agriculture is a job that requires your full attention; therefore SPS Electric can help balance your workload whether it be working with generators, irrigation or other installations, and do it in a timely and cost-efficient way.

Agriculture is crucial to the West Texas way of life. SPS Electric is here to help with your system. Contact us today, and we can start to regularly service and monitor your electrical systems to make sure that your systems are running smoothly year-round. The West Texas weather and wind can cause innumerable issues to outdoor electrical systems. Let us help you prepare so you can stay on track and on time.

The cost of energy for farmers is rising. Single-family farmers and commercial farmers have different needs, so why should you be forced to choose a company which does not treat you as an individual. SPS Electric can help. Our licensed and experienced Lubbock electricians can provide the knowledge and service your farm needs.

As always we will provide a FREE estimate for any repairs or service to give you a good idea of what to expect without an obligation to work with us.

Transparency is the key to a lasting and trusting relationship. We look forward to meeting and working directly with you to understand your agricultural electrical needs, and addressing them quickly and efficiently in a way that works with your schedule. Waste no more time and energy and call SPS Electric.