Lubbock industrial electrical service is a unique subset of the electrical industry that requires specific knowledge of heavy-duty and explosion-proof materials. SPS Electrical has industrial electrical service you can count on.

These include manufacturing, vehicle repair, and other similar industries. Many of these areas of work require both indoor and outdoor systems. You also need in-depth knowledge of appropriate materials and wiring for your industrial electrical service.


At SPS Electric we have decades of experience working with industrial electrical service. We ensure your business can handle the different challenges you face.

Industrial Electric, INDUSTRIAL

Diagnosis & Repair

Industrial electrical can come with its own set of challenges and problems due to the intricate nature of the mechanics. Therefore we often get calls about issues where the root cause is unclear. Our electrical professionals are not only able to diagnose problems but also repair them quickly and efficiently. This, of course, saves you and your business from spending money on costly new equipment. We work with big name and small business so call us today.

Electrical Installations Both Small & Large

When it comes to industrial work, you might find that you need to expand your electrical system. At SPS Electric we can add new lights, plugs, switches and 110 or 220-volt power to your existing electrical grid. Need a new panel installed and wired into your current system? We can help keep your manufacturing company at peak performance. Our trained and licensed Lubbock electricians can easily install a variety of equipment, large or small and have access to the equipment needed for specialized problems.

Are you looking to open a new location or remodel an existing one for your industrial operation? The electrical component of planning is a massive undertaking, even more so if you are not familiar with the intricacies of developing a system. SPS Electric can take care of both the design and installation of any electrical system required, working with you on every step of the project, leaving you feeling confident and in control.

Industrial Electric, INDUSTRIAL

Before we get started on any project or repair, we offer a bid on work, materials and other details specific to your job.

With this estimate, you will be able to decide if you want to move forward with our services or seek a second opinion.

We believe the key to any lasting relationship is trust and transparency. Our free estimates demonstrate this before we ever get started.

We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our clients leaving them feeling informed and that they are in good hands when it comes to their Lubbock industrial electrical service needs.