COVID-19 Statement

What You Should Know About SPS Electric

In order to be the best we can be, it is important to realize that without keeping our technicians safe, we would not be able to continue working. If we did not work to keep our customers safe, we would not be able to continue working. This dual vision helps us resolve to follow state and federal regulations involving procedures for COVID-19 safety.

COVID-19 and the unprecedented nature of the disease has changed many things for our global community. Locally, the lifestyle changes instituted because of this disease reconveys and asserts the need for evaluation of safety systems, protective procedures, and delivery of safe service. SPS Electric evaluates and trains employees to be safe as well as use federal and state guidelines in all transactions. SPS Electric advocates mask wearing of our technicians as well as social distancing. Procedures have been implemented for safety on the job site as well as residential and commercial sites. In-office personnel have separate procedures to follow and guidelines to manage. It is a company wide protocol to keep social distancing and mask wearing a priority and sanitize hands and surroundings often.