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Water damage to electrical wiring can pose a significant danger to your home or business if neglected. That’s why we at SPS Electric have made a comprehensive list of signs you should look for and the actions you can take when dealing with water damage to your electrical system. 

Understanding Electrical Wiring and Water Damage 

Your home or business is powered by electrical wiring and electrical systems that run everything from your lights to your microwave. If water damage is present, various issues can arise and impact your daily life. When electrical wiring sits in water too long, it corrodes the wires and degrades the insulation over time. This will cause things like electrical fires, mold growth, or short-circuiting. 

Causes of Water Damage to Electrical Wiring 

There can be various causes of water damage in your electrical system. These are some of the most common occurrences that you may come across. 

Natural Disasters: 

Floods, hurricanes, and heavy rain can lead to water intrusion and damage electrical systems. 

Plumbing Leaks and Accidents: 

Common plumbing issues, such as burst pipes, can expose electrical wiring to water. 

Condensation and Humidity: 

High humidity levels and condensation in walls or electrical boxes can affect electrical wiring and cause corrosion. 

Signs of Water Damage 

When checking for water damage to your electrical wiring, there are many things to look for. Some problems may be physical, such as water spots or mold growth, while others may come from electrical malfunctions. 

Physical Signs of Water Damage to Your Electrical System: 

  • Rust, Corrosion, or Mold 
  • Water or burn marks 
  • Sparks 
  • Peeling paint, Swelling walls, or Warped flooring 
  • Damp smell or odor 

Electrical Signs of Water Damage 

  • Flickering lights 
  • Tripping circuit breakers 
  • Unexplained power outages 
  • Outlets not working 

While some of these issues are greater than others, scheduling an inspection ASAP is essential to resolve them before it’s too late. Putting off water damage to electrical systems can turn fatal if not treated in time and potentially cause electrical fires or a life-threatening electrical accident. 

How to Handle Water Damage to Electrical Wiring and Why You Should Trust SPS Electric 

When considering repairing your electrical system from water damage, you should first hire a professional. Attempting to repair an electrical system without experience is dangerous and can prove fatal. 

With 28 years of experience, SPS Electric is the prime choice for repairing and maintaining your electrical system. With our proven track record in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural systems, you can trust us with all your electricity needs. Don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection or contact us at (806) 744-7055. 

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