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The Need for Skilled Trades Is On the Rise

It is interesting to note that the construction industry is going to continue to grow as of March 2019. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the number of electricians is in growth mode. This is good news for the construction trades. Contractors around Lubbock, TX are looking for skilled electricians and skilled residential and commercial electricians. Also, more workers are needed and employees with specialized licenses are in high demand. The Editor-in-Chief at EC&M Magazine posted “most market segments remain on an upward trajectory when it comes to construction starts.” Now is the time to look into construction as a career.

Skilled electricians jobs in TX grow

Jobs have increased recently throughout the construction industry. There is also a large population of electricians that will retire in the next 10 years, not to mention construction workers in all trades so there will be many available spots to fill.  New areas are opening in the field as the market opens up to include new segments such as green technology. The staff needed to design, build, and finance this segment is channeling many skilled laborers into exciting new areas but leaving the more traditional divisions with less of a talent pool. It is time to renew the call to high school graduates and those looking for a rewarding position. Communication with those who might be interested is imperative. A route to information to good trade schools, two-year colleges, and four-year universities will energize this pool of candidates.

Today’s skilled workers are advanced professionals.

The amount of skill required in these industries is significant. Not only skill with tools and experience with construction, but skill in creative, strategic, and critical thinking are important as well. The technical side of construction has increased with the use of computers and technology. The use of math is critical in many elements of construction and applicable reading skills are used daily. The growth of energy programs has increased to include a variety of new labor trends such as green technologies.