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Maintaining a house is expensive enough, but what if your electrical wiring is causing problems? Plus, did you know that the National Electrical Code (NEC) is updated every three years so it is important if you make any changes to a system to know about these codes. Weather and excess water also might be a consideration when electrical wiring is involved. Don’t get overwhelmed if you are facing electrical problems.

Just call a licensed electrician or contractor like SPS Electric for solutions. Being licensed is important because these service providers must complete continuing education each year to maintain a license. A comprehensive test is given at each level of licensure to become a journeyman electrician and a master electrician. Built into this education are code changes and updates. They will know how to look at your current situation and include special considerations for safety or better maintenance, or retrofitting.

Why would you need to replace your electrical wiring?

When you turn on an appliance, does a light flicker or a surge happen somehow? This could indicate old electrical wiring that isn’t up to the task of powering your casa. If you have discolored plugs, this could be from surges.

A surge isn’t good and could lead to major damage to your home or appliances. If a breaker keeps tripping, this could mean an electrical wiring problem. If you have aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring, this might mean that your home needs updating. Call a licensed electrician or SPS Electric to learn more about how this can be changed or adjusted for your safety and home value.

The cost seems high. Why?

An estimate or cost of a service call is usually based on drive time, cost per hour, materials and if other problems are found after the initial estimate. If the wiring is 30 years old or older, then this means your wiring could be old and outdated. A replacement might mean updating a switch or plug, as in GFI updates or adding a different breaker so voltage can be routed well. This will cost, but the cost is based mostly on the market value.

Also because of materials for the job, that cost may fluctuate above the estimate, but it is unusual for this adjustment to be needed. Usually, the cost of labor does not increase dramatically. Also, note that most contractors cover insurance, education and licensing costs so that the consumer can be better protected. If you have a specific question about your bill, please feel free to discuss it with your service provider or technician.