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It’s easy to overlook things like faulty electrical wiring in Lubbock, Texas, until they become a huge problem. You may be unaware of the dangers of faulty wiring, or you may not know where to look in your home. Knowing the risks of bad wiring and how to stop them from becoming a more serious concern is crucial.  

What Issues Can Faulty Wiring Cause?  

When you think of the dangers of faulty wiring, you might imagine the electric shocks from fraying cords. However, fraying cords aren’t the only danger associated with bad wiring. Neglected electrical wiring can cause dimming or flickering lights throughout your home. In addition, unprotected sparks can quickly start electrical fires, which are extremely dangerous for you, your family, and your home.  

Top 4 Signs of Faulty Wiring 

Burning smells or the scent of smoke are early warning signs. It might be the first indication that you have a small fire or runaway spark, even if it’s not yet visible. So, when you encounter that strange “electrical smell,” call our expert electricians immediately!   

Here are a few signs of faulty wiring: 

Strange Noises

You should not hear popping, cracking, buzzing, or sizzling noises from outlets or behind walls. However, if you keep hearing these noises, it’s time to check your wiring.  

Frequent Circuit Breakers Tripping

Often, you may discover faulty wires via tripping circuit breakers. When you reset your breakers frequently, it might be a clue that you should have your wiring inspected by our expert electricians 


Scorching and Heat Marks: Scorching or heat marks on outlets are often signs of sparks, which could lead to fires. In addition, yellowing cords might mean there’s a short circuit. Replace the cord right away.  

Frayed or Exposed Wires

Instead of trying to handle frayed wires, call our expert electricians to safely resolve the issue if you notice frayed or exposed wiring around your property.   

SPS Electric Can Help Resolve Your Bad Wiring Issues!   

Electrical repairs and faulty wiring fixes are NOT a do-it-yourself project. Unlike other home fixes, electricity and wiring are much more complicated and dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to give us a call. Our trained Lubbock electricians are experts in all residential electrical services, including rewiring, electrical designing, and more!  

Call SPS Electric at (806) 744-7055 to solve your faulty wiring issues today!