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Regarding the electricity in your home, your safety is a priority. Spotting warning signs of an electrical problem in your home can save your family’s health and your wallet on expenses. Here are 5 of the most common electrical issues in your home.     

Flickering or Dimming Lights    

Power surges or poor connections can affect your home appliances and electrical features. A power surge or poor connections usually cause flickering or dimming lights. If the flickering or dimming lights keep occurring, get an electrical inspection for your home to prevent the wires from sparking, overheating, and causing a fire.     

Circuit Breaker Problems    

The circuit breaker in your home typically trips when appliances or a short circuit overload it. To fix this problem, go to the breaker box in your home and flip the switch that is turned off. If the course keeps tripping, you should call our experienced technicians to evaluate your home and prevent further electrical damage.      

Warm Outlets or Switches    

Having warm switches and outlets is hazardous. These switches can be a sign that your wires need to be replaced. Another way you can tell your switches or outlets might be warm is if you smell a fishy smell near your outlet. Call us immediately if you feel a warm switch or outlet in your home.     

Light Bulbs Burn Out Quickly    

If your light bulbs are frequently burning out in your home, it could be a more severe problem than overuse of the light bulb. If the light bulbs continue to burn out, it could be a loose connection in the circuit or socket, causing a blowout. If your light bulbs continue to burn out, call our team of dedicated technicians to fix the problem.      

Plugin’s Falling Out of Wall Outlets   

It can be very annoying when you are trying to charge your phone or heat something in your microwave, and the plug keeps falling out of the outlet. While many people do not think this is a big deal, this situation can be hazardous. If this problem is unresolved, the outlet can arc and ignite nearby dust and wood, causing a fire. Call our experienced technicians for an electrical assessment today.    

Let us Help with Your Electrical Issues    

There are many possibilities for electrical problems in your home. Don’t try to fix it yourself or do a DIY you saw on the internet. Reach out to our expert team of electricians at SPS Electric. To learn more, contact us at SPS Electric today!   

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