When a storm or power outage occurs, or lightning strikes are occurring, a whole house surge protector provides peace of mind. This device is a small box that is hard-wired into your existing electrical box in which short-circuiting, tripped breakers, power company malfunctions, etc. can be prevented when surges or disconnects happen. SPS Electric provides many options for both residential and commercial applications.


Surge protection is available in several formats. Whole house surge protection allows the load of a surge to not extinguish electronics or create a freezer to stop freezing expensive meat or food. There are the familiar multi-outlet wall surge protectors. These are good for protecting a few appliances or electronics. A whole-house surge protector can be installed by a licensed electrician and in this case, all powered operations within the house are routed through the protector. Insurance companies do not usually provide a discount for installing a surge protector however, it will pay for itself again and again when protection is needed.

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