Why use an electrical contractor?

A licensed electrical contractor is a good idea when beginning a new construction project. In fact, it doesn’t stop with electricians. All of your contractors need to be licensed or disaster could be waiting. There are many people out there – a relative, a friend, or a neighbor – that might want to wire your house or put up a fixture to gain some extra income. The thing is, any construction project has hidden complications that only licensed technicians have experience with. Why is this?


Contractors and sub-contractors are required by the state to receive continuing education credits to stay aware of code changes as well as have multiple years of experience to gain some licensures. If a worker shows up to do work at your location, ask for a card or representation of a license number. When they produce a license number, go to the tdlr website and look them up. If they say they work for a contractor, be sure to get a name. Get references before you hire someone. Lots of times, a facebook® page or web page will be available and if they have reviews on Google or elsewhere, read them! There have been cases where someone misrepresented their work or used a past employer’s license number.


As a consumer, it is good to be aware of these situations and go above and beyond to be educated before a job goes bad. Educating yourself is a useful tool in order to safeguard against imposters. Have fun with your project, but be wise and safeguard yourself and your interests

“Ever thought, I can do that! I don’t need to pay for a professional. Here are several reasons to not cut corners on a project.”

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